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Sustainable groundwater management specialized meeting

Specialized meeting on groundwater sustainable management held April 24th.

Dr. Namvar, a senior engineer and project manager at the Woodard & Curran consulting engineering company, told about the California state experiences in sustainable groundwater management:

California water resources are very similar to the Zagros region in western Iran. The area is 400 thousand kilometers and has 40 million inhabitants and has 10 million hectares of its land cultivated for farming.

Referring to the sustainable groundwater management law in California, he said, "The Groundwater Sustainable Management law was approved in 2014". The specification of this law requires the sustainable groundwater management, local groundwater promotion and control, sustainable groundwater management organizations' establishment, legal authority for implementation, the sustainable plans provision for each region and the implementation of a sustainability program in 20 years, and its aim is to eliminate the undesirable effects of underground water use over the course of 20 years. In the following of the meeting, Dr Bachchi and Dr Rajabi, the Tarbiat Modares University's faculty members, delivered speeches on the solutions and challenges for estimating groundwater resources basin balance and their errors role in decision models and decision-making based on numerical models.

Summing up and answering questions and discussing the flood-groundwater interactions were the end of this one-day meeting.

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