Articles of Association


The amendment for TMUs Articles of Association was ratified in the 607th session of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution held in 26th of June, 2007.

bulletArticle 1:

Tarbiat Modares University hereinafter referred to as university in this articles of association, is an auspicious progeny of Islamic Revolution which is founded for an unlimited period of time. It is an avant-garde university engaged in academic and research activities striving to promote lucrative science with the purpose of expanding the knowledge and technology boundaries on the basis of revolutionary and Islamic values and pursues the following objectives:

  1. Training committed and qualified faculty members and researchers in the scientific fields required for the universities and higher education centers of Iran in order to boost the quality of academic, research and scientific works and assist the promotion of higher education studies.
  2. Participation in the expansion and fortification of knowledge and software generation movement and escalation of Iran’s share of scientific products, and promotion of humanity sciences with an emphasis on Islamic principles and national needs, modern technologies and utilization of new scientific and research achievements through dynamic and constructive interactions with regional and international scientific centers.
  3. Striving to realize the Islamic culture through the strengthening and deepening of religious ideology and expansion of ethical virtues and social participation and dissemination of self-abnegation spirit and optimism on the basis of Quranic teachings, holy Imams guidelines and values and ideals of Islamic Revolution.

bulletArticle 2:

The University is a legal entity belonging to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. It follows certain specific financial and administrative rules and regulations, which will be ratified by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution. Its budgets shall be spent under the supervision of the Science, Research and Technology Minister.

bulletArticle 3:

The headquarter of the university is located in Tehran and the establishment of affiliated branches in other national or international places requires the approval of the University Council and the ratification of the Board of Trustees in compliance with the established rules and regulation.

bulletArticle 4:

The main foundations of the University include:

  1. Board of Trustees
  2. The University Council
  3. The Chancellor

bulletArticle 5:

The Board of Trustees shall consist of the following:

  1. Iran’s current president
  2. Vice president
  3. The minister of Science, Research and Technology
  4. The minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education
  5. The university chancellor
  6. Six cultural or scientific national figures who will be nominated by the minister of Science, Research and Technology and after being approved by the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, shall be appointed for 5 years in this board.

Note: The chairman of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution shall issue the appointment decree for the members mentioned in clause 6 above. These individuals can be nominated for a second term.