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Commemorate tree planting day (arbor-day) at TMU

In order to promote the culture of tree planting and natural resources conservation, a number of Saplings were planted by the university chancellor, professors, and staff on campus as arrival of the planting day.

Commemorate tree planting day (arbor-day) at TMU

The university chancellor stated: "Tree-planting, in addition to supporting national interests and historical tradition in Iran, is also linked to people's religious beliefs, to the extent that tree planting is a form of worship".

He emphasized: Nature and green space is a means of preserving the beauty of the university and belongs to all human beings as a precious heritage".

Arbor Day or Tree Planting Day in Iran is known as "National Tree Planting Day". By the Solar Hijri calendar, it is on the fifteenth day of the month Esfand, which usually corresponds with March 5. This day is the first day of the "Natural Recyclable Resources Week" (March 5 to 12). This is the time when the saplings of the all kinds in terms of different climates of different parts of Iran are shared among the people.The day is an occasion for people from all ages and social classes to pick up a shovel and show they care for all things arboreal. Every year, just before the Persian New Year, millions of Iranians plant trees for a week from March 5 marking the occasion and to hail the coming of spring.  During the week, top officials try to draw public attention to the importance of trees for the environment. Children also learn more about the value of natural resources and the importance of their protection. Free saplings are distributed among schools, universities and citizens to enable their participation in tree planting.