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Biomechanical evaluation of glass fiber/polypropylene composite bone fracture fixation plates: Experimental and numerical analysis

Ali Kabiri, Gholamhossein Liaghat, Fatemeh Alavi
Journal PaperComputers in Biology and Medicine , 2021 March 2, {Pages 104303 }


Little is known about the impact behavior of composite fixation plate used in the fracture healing of long bones diaphysis. Hence, this study examined polypropylene composite fixation plates using different glass fibers and measured their biomechanical responses under axial impact loading experimentally and numerically. Short randomly oriented, long unidirectional prepregs and fiber yarn of glass were considered as reinforcements, and fixation plates were fabricated through two different heat-compressing and 3D printing processes. Furthermore, assessing the fixation plate structures impact behavior was carried out using in vitro impact test and finite element analysis (FEA). Impact damping behavior, damage mechanisms, and stress and strain

Experimental investigation of quasi-static behavior of composite and fiber metal laminate panels modified by graphene nanoplatelets

Azadeh Fathi, Gholamhossein Liaghat, Hadi Sabouri, Mahmoud Chizari, Homayoun Hadavinia, Sahand Chitsaz Charandabi
Journal PaperJournal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites , 2021 March 31, {Pages 0731684420985275 }


The current study investigated the influence of incorporation of graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) on quasi-static behavior of composite and fiber metal laminate (FML) panels. The unmodified and modified composite specimens and FML panels with 2/1 configuration were fabricated using a hand lay-up method and investigated through a quasi-static punch and indentation testing. The two sets of tests were conducted with a flat-ended indenter and the loading conditions were the same for all samples, except support spans which were varied. Following experimental testing, possible damages at the punch region were closely investigated and localized and global damages were observed. The results revealed that adding 0.2?wt% GNPs improved the strength and f

Axial crushing responses of aluminum honeycomb structures filled with elastomeric polyurethane foam

Yousef Mohamadi, Hamed Ahmadi, Omid Razmkhah, Gholamhossein Liaghat
Journal PaperThin-Walled Structures , Volume 164 , 2021 July 1, {Pages 107785 }


In this study the energy absorption of elastomeric foam-filled aluminum honeycomb under quasi-static compression loading and low velocity impact was experimentally investigated. Commercially available Al honeycomb made of Al5052 H38 filled with elastomeric polyurethane foam was used as the specimens. Pure polyurethane had a shore hardness of 30A and to make it foam, different volume fraction of glass microballoon was added to it and a novel material was synthesized that simultaneously had the properties of elastomers and foams Energy absorption of the specimens were evaluated by different parameters such as peak load, crushing load and absorbed energy. Also, the effective failure mechanisms were fully discussed. The results showed that the

Quasi-static and low-velocity impact behavior of the bio-inspired hybrid Al/GFRP sandwich tube with hierarchical core: Experimental and numerical investigation

A Tarafdar, G Liaghat, H Ahmadi, O Razmkhah, SC Charandabi, ...
Journal Paper , , {Pages }


Performance Comparison of Wood, Plywood, and Oriented Strand Board under High-and Low-Velocity Impact Loadings

Z Naghizadeh, MH Pol, AO Alawode, M Faezipour, GH Liaghat, BK Via, ...
Journal Paper , , {Pages }


Effect of Al2O3 nanoparticles on the mechanical behaviour of aluminium-based metal matrix composite synthesized via powder metallurgy

Z Zaiemyekeh, G Liaghat, MK Khan
Journal Paper , , {Pages }


The experimental and numerical analysis of the ballistic performance of elastomer matrix Kevlar composites

SS Asemani, G Liaghat, H Ahmadi, Y Anani, A Khodadadi, ...
Journal Paper , , {Pages }


An experimental investigation on the effect of incorporating graphene nanoplatelets on the low-velocity impact behavior of fiber metal laminates

A Fathi, G Liaghat, H Sabouri
Journal Paper , , {Pages }


A comparative study of 3D printing and heat-compressing methods for manufacturing the thermoplastic composite bone fixation plate: Design, characterization, and in vitro …

A Kabiri, G Liaghat, F Alavi, M Ansari, SK Hedayati
Journal Paper , , {Pages }


A practical review study on shaped charge in the last two decades (2000–2020)

H Mehmannavaz, A Ramezani, MA Nabakhteh, G Liaghat
Journal Paper , , {Pages }


Investigation on the energy absorption of elastomeric auxetic structures in quasi-static and impact loading

M Parvaresh, H Ahmadi, G Liaghat
Journal Paper , , {Pages }


Impact characteristics of soft composites using shear thickening fluid and natural rubber-a review of current status

A Khodadadi, G Liaghat, A Taherzadeh-Fard, ...
Journal Paper , , {Pages }


Mechanics of Advanced Composite Structures

N Zahedana, H Ahmadi, GH Liaghat
Journal Paper , , {Pages }


Characterization of MDF reinforced with Al2O3 Nano particles considering physical, mechanical and quasi-static properties

Sadaf Karkoodi, Gholamhossein Liaghat, Hamid Zarea Hosseinabadi, Hamed Ahmadi
Journal PaperWood Material Science & Engineering , 2020 May 26, {Pages 11-Jan }


The paper investigates the addition of Nano-Al2O3 powder (alumina, Average Particle Size: 20 nm) on the characteristics of the Medium Density Fibreboards (MDF) made by the forest fibers. Some important physical, mechanical and quasi-static properties of the panels were measured according to the standard test methods and apparatus. Different percentages of alumina powder (0, 1, 2, and 3 weight percentage (wt.) based on the solid content of resin) were used and panels were made in three thicknesses (5, 10 and 14 mm). The experiments showed that the resultant properties of the new composites were improved. The greatest increase in Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) was achieved when 1% wt. alumina was added to the samples. Addition of alumina up

Experimental and numerical investigation of the impact response of elastomer layered fiber metal laminates (EFMLs)

Alireza Taherzadeh-Fard, Gholamhossein Liaghat, Hamed Ahmadi, Omid Razmkhah, Sahand Chitsaz Charandabi, Mohammad Amin Zarezadeh-mehrizi, Amin Khodadadi
Journal PaperComposite Structures , 2020 March 28, {Pages 112264 }


The aim of the present study is to investigate the effect of introducing an elastomer layer into conventional fiber metal laminates on their perforation resistance. Natural compounded rubber as elastomeric media and glass/epoxy composite were sandwiched in between two layers of aluminum 6061-T6 and then the resulted structure was perforated by a 10 mm diameter hemispherical projectile at different impact velocities. Residual velocities were recorded by a high speed camera via a shadowing technique. Results showed that an elastomer layer located nearer to frontal face had a better energy absorbing performance due to load spreading; besides, by increasing the impact velocity the elastomer performs more efficiently because of the elastomer dam

High velocity impact response of carbon nanotubes-reinforced composite sandwich panels

A. Naghizadeh, Z., Faezipour, M., Hossein Pol, M., Liaghat, G., abdolkhani
Journal Paper2020 Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials 22(2), pp. 303-324 , Volume 22 , Issue 2, 2020 January , {Pages 303-324 }

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Energy Absorption in Auxetic Structures under Quasi-static Loading.

Milad Najafi, Hamed Ahmadi, GH Liaghat
Journal PaperModares Mechanical Engineering , Volume 20 , Issue 2, 2020 February 1, {Pages }


Human being has always been looking for optimal use of his surrounding materials that has been able to invent various structures through getting inspired by nature. Some of these structures are lattice structures. Due to their lower weight, high compressive strength and high stiffness, lattice structures are widely used in various applications, including energy absorbers. A new type of lattice structure is auxetic structures that have a negative Poisson’s ratio due to their geometric structure. This characteristic has caused auxetic structures to have unique properties such as shear strength, indentation resistance, and high-energy absorption. In this study, the experimental and numerical investigation of in-plane uniaxial quasi-static lo

Numerical and experimental investigation of impact on bilayer aluminum-rubber composite plate

Amin Khodadadi, Gholamhossein Liaghat, Davoud Shahgholian-Ghahfarokhi, Mahmoud Chizari, Bin Wang
Journal PaperThin-Walled Structures , Volume 149 , 2020 April 1, {Pages 106673 }


This paper aims to investigate the performance of an aluminum–rubber composite plate under impact loading. The impact resistance of the plate has been evaluated using both experimental and numerical methods. The experimental tests were carried out using gas gun at velocities of 75, 101, 144 and 168?m/s. The energy absorption of composite plates has been closely examined for all samples. The effect of rubber layer positioning either on front face or on back face of the aluminum plate was also evaluated. It was found that the composite plate with rubber on front face provides higher performance to absorb the energy. In parallel to the experiment, a finite element model was created using the finite element software LS-DYNA to simulate the re

High velocity impact on composite sandwich panels with nano-reinforced syntactic foam core

Hamed Ahmadi, Gholamhossein Liaghat, Sahand Chitsaz Charandabi
Journal PaperThin walled structure , Volume 148 , 2020 January , {Pages }


In this work, an experimental investigation of the high velocity impact resistance of syntactic foam core composite sandwich panel has been undertaken. The syntactic foams filled with ceramic microballoons of three different sizes and three different volume fractions. Also, to enhance the matrix strength of the foam core, some specimens reinforced with nano particles. The high velocity impact tests have been carried out using a light gas-gun and a 10?mm blunt-head steel projectile and the ballistic limit was measured. The Impact behavior and the failure mechanisms are thoroughly investigated and also the absorbed energy during projectile perforation was correlated to the damaged area of specimens. The test results show that the ballistic re

The Efficiency of Auxetic Cores in Sandwich Beams Subjected to Low-Velocity Impact

Mohammad Hedayatian, AR Daneshmehr, GH Liaghat
Journal PaperInternational Journal of Applied Mechanics , 2020 September 2, {Pages 2050061 }


This paper experimentally investigates the behavior of sandwich beam with auxetic core subjected to low-velocity impact loading. Two types of sandwich beams with different topologies of auxetic cellular cores were produced. Furthermore, a test procedure involving a cylindrical impactor was developed, and a parametric study was designed and performed. The results revealed that, at the same level of impact energy, the peak load decreased by increasing the re-entrant angle would make the auxetic sample with the highest re-entrant angle an ideal candidate for protective applications. However, in other applications where the structure needs to be protected from damage at a higher level of impact energy, the auxetic sample with the lowest re-entr

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