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TMU approves Ph.D. Research-based By-law for Foreign Students

At the third meeting of the Council of the University, the regulations for the doctorate research-based program for international students at Tarbiat Modares University were approved.

At the beginning of this meeting, Dr. Kalbasi, the university's deputy for academic affairs said: "admission of international students takes us to the scientific and competitive market of internationally recognized universities and scientific centers, and it can strengthen the scientific and international relations." Ph.D. courses in the educational-research process may last too long, in order to encourage international volunteers to continue their studies in Iran and to expand scientific, cultural and academic relations with other countries and to identify the academic capabilities of the university, the regulations of research-based Ph.D. program for International students has been prepared consisting of 10 Article and 8 Notes.

Referring to the objectives of the new by-law, Dr. Hashemi, director of the Educational and Testing Co-operation Office said: “promoting the university's international authority in line with the strategic development plan, expanding scientific and cultural relations with other countries, providing an appropriate platform for better introduction of the university, training of specialists for other countries to attain scientific self-sufficiency and the ability to carry out targeted and innovative research in the specific field are the goals of this regulation”.

He said: “policy making, planning, students’ admission capacity, decision on granting scholarships, and welfare, educational, and research issues of international students will be decided by the Policy-making and Scholarship Committee for International Students.”

He also described the procedures for the application, the terms and timing of admission, the length of the course and how to present the curriculum and the course of the assessment, supervision and graduation of international students.

He added: "Applicants who do not have any knowledge of Persian language are required to learn survival Persian to meet their personal and daily needs." They have to pass Farsi language course at the desired level determined by their respective departments”.

Dr. Ahmadi, the chancellor of TMU, also said that the university should be agile and expand its role in the market for international higher education. He added: “we do not stop the previous methods that require the provision of specialized Persian language training, but those who attend this course should learn survival Persian as a living pre-requisite in Iran, but the Ph.D. courses are mainly taught in English”.

TMU chancellor stated that instruction should be in English for all courses except Persian, Russian, French and Arabic languages”.

At the end of this meeting, the members of the council unanimously approved the new regulation for research-based international students.

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