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TMU holds the First Social and Innovative Startup Conference

The first social and innovative startup conference was held at TMU’s Jabben Hayan Auditorium.

TMU’s chancellor, at the opening of the conference said: Tarbiat Modares University has been authorized to hold the strategic plan for the Startups’ social activities and is committed to the Islamic Consultative Assembly for youth employment”.

Referring to the rapid growth of TMU’s students associations over the past two years, Dr. Ahmadi, said: “the formation of these associations has enabled students to appreciate the effect of their specialization in the society”.

Referring to the numerous awards by the scientific associations, Dr. Ahmadi said: “Technology and new social media play an effective and strategic role on the growth of social activities”.

AT this event, 350 ideas will be assessed in 3 stages, in the first stage, 50 ideas will be selected, then in the second stage, 12 ideas will be chosen and finally the final three ideas will be selected. The closing ceremony will be held with the introduction of the best ideas in the anniversary of Islamic Revolution Victory.

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