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TMU Faculty Member, the winner of ITEX Contest

Faculty member of Agriculture Faculty won the gold medal of Malaysian 2016 ITEX Contest.
Dr. Gholamhussein Najafi, the faculty member of Bio-system Mechanics of Agriculture Faculty, offered an invention entitled “Novel Combustion of N-Heptane Fueled in Homogenous Charge compression Ignition Engine” to the Center and managed to receive the first rank in the 27th of International Invention and Innovation 2016 ITEX Conference of Malaysia.
It needs to be noted that this contest is held each year in one country and this time Malaysia hosted this contest. Each year, more than one thousand novel plans from various universities are presented for evaluation which finally three top plans are selected as final winners.
For the first time, an Iranian team managed to receive this title. This invention was the joint achievement of a faculty member from TMU Agriculture Faculty and his collogues from UMP University of Malaysia.
The Public Relations Office of TMU congratulates all TMU staff and faculty members especially the faculty members of Agriculture Faculty on this great achievement

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