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The Ambassador of Switzerland visited Tarbiat Modares University

Markus Leitner, the Swiss ambassador, visited the Tarbiat Modares University on Tuesday, December 4th. At the meeting, hosted by president of the university, they examined cooperation in common scientific areas between the two countries. The Swiss ambassador points out the fruitful results of scientific cooperation between Iran and Switzerland. He noted: "The signing of the memorandum may help to facilitate the activities, but it is not the main goal. A substantial element of cooperation is autonomy, and the bottom-up approach shows us the priorities of cooperation, additionally, the support for activities in the field of science, technology and innovation is growing.

His Excellency Markus Leitner announced the invitation of the Iranian delegation to travel to Switzerland in March 2019. This meeting aims at bringing together the scientists from both sides and visiting international academic institutes of Switzerland and he added: "Regarding scientific cooperation with Iran, we have two cooperation desks in the medical and non-medical fields to coordinate the scientific cooperation and informing the possible collaboration opportunities."

He alluded to the field of humanity as an attractive area for scientific cooperation. The meeting was continued with the announcement of the possibility of giving courses in some disciplines in English at Tarbiat Modares University, and in addition to introducing the Physiology Department of the University, the activities of the department in Neuroscience, including international activities in the form of executing several successful courses of the Neuroscience school, especially collaboration with Switzerland universities faculty members was presented.

In the following of this meeting, the agent of Iran-Switzerland cooperation desk for universities under the umbrella of health ministry described this cooperation fruitful, and as an example of successful supporting mutual projects she mentioned Seed Money plan in which sixteen operations had been accepted at the first year, and each plan gains at least 20000 frank.

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